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We always guarantee a relaxing experience with extraordinary results.



We Use OPI, Essie Polish

Kids Manicure (with Stickers) – Under 8 years
French Manicure
Polish Change
French Polish Change
Nail Art
Gentleman’s Manicure with Buffing
Paraffin or Hot Cream Manicure
Village Spa Manicure
Hot cream treatment using electric heating glove.
Exfoliate and massage with dead sea salt and essential oil
Special Mineral Manicure
Paraben free Treatment with essential Minerals from the Dead Sea
Help prevent dry, chapped skin and maintain soft silky looking skin


Kid Pedicure (with Stickers) – Under 8 years
French Pedicure
Polish Change
French Polish Change
Toe Nail Repair (per Toe)
Gentleman’s Pedicure
Paraffin Pedicure
Village Spa Pedicure
Green tea mud pack, Baking soda feet scrub
Essential oil massage
Special Pedicure
Hot cream with electric hot glove
(include Village Spa Pedicure services)
Mineral Spa Pedicure
Paraben free Treatment with essential Minerals from the Dead Sea
Skin renewal and Decreases Eczema and Inflammation
Includes Exfoliation with 20 min Massage

Color Gel Nails

We Use OPI, Shellac, Gelish, IBD, Ikon Gel Polish

Gel Couture (weekly polish)
Up to 14 days of luxurious wear
Instant gel-like shine. no UV lamp needed.

Nail Color Gel
2 weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage
French Nail Color Gel
Feet Color Gel
French Feet Color Gel
Color Gel Soak Off

UV Light Gel Set

We Use LCN, Brisa, IBD

Gel Set
Clear flexible gel that extends and protects the nails.
Gel is sculpted on the nail and dried with UV light.
Gel Set with Extension or Tip
Permanent w/ Pink or White w/ Tip Set
French w/ Extension
Gel Fill-In
w/ French Fill-In
Gel Fill-In with Color Gel
Gel Repair (per Nail)

Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment

We use Demalogica, Dr. Grandel, Seacret, Demaesthetics
We offer Free Skin Consultation

Mineral Facial
Paraben free Age-Defying Treatment with essential Minerals from the Dead Sea
Softens and exfoliates to reveal healthier looking skin, revitalize
Ultrasound Facial
Safe and gentle treatment to moiturize, diminsh wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture and tone, provide anti-agining benefits such as lifting
i-Cooling Facial
Uniquely formulated to soothe and calm irritated skin (i.e. after sun exposure), support your skin’s moisture balance, boost the elasticity and hydration of the skin with Vitamin C extracts
Express Facial
Village Glow Facial
Essential Aromatherapy Facial
Acne Purifying Facial
Collagen Lifting/Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Four Layer
Time Out Facial
1 Session
6 Sessions
w/ Special Mask Plus Collagen
Cold Stone Therapy

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and are meant to extend your eyelashes for a natural look and feel. The eyelash extensions are customized to fit the client’s eye shape and facial structure, using two different types of curls in lengths

Full Set (Silk Mink)
1 Week Refill/2 Week Refill/3 Week Refill
Full Set (Flat)
1 Week Refill/2 Week Refill/3 Week Refill

Eyelash Tinting
Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Waxing Treatment

Belly Button
Side of Face
Brazillian Bikini
Half Arm
Full Arm
Upper Leg
Lower Leg
Full Leg
Fingers & Toes
Full Stomach
Gentleman’s Eyebrows
Men’s Back & Chest

Spa Package

Village Spa Package

Manicure & Pedicure
Quick Facial
10 min Chair Massage

Manicure & Pedicure
Village Glow Facial
20 min Chair Massage

Color Gel Manicure & Village Spa Pedicure
Essential Aromatherapy Facial
30 min Reflexology

New York City
Village Spa Manicure with Color Gel & Special Pedicure
Collagen Lifting Facial
60 min Reflexology